Penetration level assessment

Key benefits from research

Knowing the level of penetration in the market in which you operate or plan to enter is key information for decision making. When entering the market, the research will avoid risks, which means saving several tens of thousands of dollars. When working in the market, research will provide information on which direction to develop and an understanding of the financial horizon for your company.

Opportunities of the method

To understand the share of the target audience characterized by any common feature, the key indicator is the level of penetration. Penetration can also be called the level of reach of the target audience.

Most often, penetration is considered for the following cases:

1. Estimation of the share of the audience who paid attention to the advertising campaign
2. Estimation of the share of the target audience consuming a certain product
3. Estimation of the share of store customers purchasing goods of a certain category

Sample size and timeline

The minimum size of a representative sample for such projects per region is 400 questionnaires. By region we mean any territory for which separate analytics is required (this could be, for example, a city or country). In cases where it is necessary to separately consider and compare data from, for example, 2 cities, the minimum sample is 800 questionnaires. The minimum period for surveying this quantity is 1 business day.


The cost of the project to determine the level of penetration consists of the cost of collecting a selected number of questionnaires (payment is taken only for fully completed questionnaires) and the cost of analytics (usually no more than 10-15% of the cost of data collection)

You can calculate the cost of one questionnaire yourself using our calculator (you will need to enter the number of open and closed questions in the questionnaire, quotas)

The cost of such a study is from 2000 £ (the cost is indicated for a minimum sample).

Sample report


Description of the approach

To assess the level of penetration, quantitative marketing research is used - surveys with a representative sample size. Penetration tracking is especially important for large consumer markets. For some companies, this indicator is a KPI.

Process of research

BCGroup's work on assessing penetration levels is structured as follows:

1. An NDA (confidentiality agreement) is signed between BCGroup and the company;
2. A BCGroup specialist agrees with the customer on the final version of the survey questionnaire;
3. BCGroup interviewers conduct the survey in a short time (it is possible to survey up to 5,000 people per day);
4. Next, the BCGroup employee transfers the data array to the customer’s representative in Excel or SPSS format;
5. After 5-7 days, a BCGroup employee sends an analytical report to the customer based on the results of assessing the level of penetration. Usually the level of penetration is analyzed in dynamics, compared with previous periods (sample reports)

How to start?

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