Marketing research

Key benefits from research

The key benefit from the research is obtaining information for management and marketing decisions, which is not easy to collect on your own. In addition, this is an additional look at the situation from the outside and the application of successful experience from similar industries with similar tasks.

Opportunities of the method

Marketing research is the process of studying the desires, preferences and demands of the target audience, as well as collecting and analyzing data about competitors in the market for services provided by the organization.

Successful business development requires an individual approach to solving a number of priority tasks. To do this, it is necessary to conduct marketing research. Analysis of the data obtained will help you understand how to more effectively attract potential customers, study the behavioral strategy of competing companies and find out the degree of loyalty to the company.

In-depth marketing research of the goods market is important for the development of manufacturing enterprises and retail chains.

Marketing research of competitors allows you to estimate the shares of market participants, identify and compare the capabilities of competitors, find out the sales structure (geographical and by sales channels), assess brand awareness, assess the satisfaction of competitors' customers, and assess the effectiveness of competitors' marketing. Verified, timely information about competitors makes it possible to assess their strengths and weaknesses, based on this, adjust the work and bring the company to a leading position in the market.

Some of the most popular research at BCGroup is marketing research of the target audience. With the help of such research, a portrait of the target audience is drawn up, its preferences are studied, the demand for products is assessed, the perception of product properties, and reactions to price dynamics, which allows us to develop the right development strategy.

The BCGroup Marketing Research agency will provide timely information for the effective operation of your business.

Sample size and timeline

The high competence of BCGroup's employees allows it to compete adequately with other research companies and analytical centers.

BCGroup is famous for its unique developments in the field of marketing analytics, for example, the creation of a matrix for assessing market attractiveness. Our specialists are not limited to the standard analytical set; they are constantly looking for new methods and approaches. The company uses NPS, CSI, the Noriaki Kano approach, popular all over the world, as well as highly specialized analysis methods. We guarantee the accuracy and efficiency of the data provided.


The cost of marketing research is calculated individually for each customer and consists of an agreed list of services. You can view the prices for the services provided and calculate the amount of payment for conducting marketing research in the “Prices” section on our website.

Sample report


Description of the approach

The company also provides marketing analytics for a wide range of industries.

As part of marketing research, BCGroup agency specialists offer services such as: assessing market capacity, calculating market shares, analyzing demand for new products and the range of existing products, assessing the overall satisfaction of the target audience, assessing brand awareness, monitoring the activities of competitors and much more. Marketing analytics services include organizing research at an enterprise, on the Internet, studying product markets, research in the field of goods, in a bank and calculating key indicators based on the collected data.

Our specialists work using their own unique market research methodology (matrix for assessing market attractiveness), and also rely on foreign experience (our own and the experience of colleagues).

To provide quality services in the field of market research, research agency employees use a full arsenal of tools:

  • qualitative research: focus groups, interviews, observations, home testing;
  • quantitative research: various surveys, hall tests, traffic measurements;
  • additional research: car clinic, accompanied shopping, etc.

Process of research

Conducting marketing research includes the following points:

1. identifying the problem and formulating the main objectives of the study;
2. detailed development of an action plan and selection of information sources;
3. detailed analysis of second-level information and highly organized collection of first-level information;
4. systematization and in-depth analysis of the entire volume of collected information;
5. summing up and providing the obtained data to the customer.

To ensure the success of the research, the customer needs to clearly formulate the tasks that will be assigned to the research. In addition, it is important to describe the range of existing problems and prerequisites for them, to set out possible hypotheses for the joint formulation of goals that will make marketing research of the target audience and other aspects of the market as effective as possible. Properly set goals allow us to achieve mutual understanding between the customer and the researcher, which is the key to productive work.

How to start?

The research agency BCGroup tries to make it as easy as possible for its customers to formulate a problem, so it has created a special automated brief of 10 questions. BCGroup understands that it is almost impossible to know all the intricacies of conducting research without encountering it every day. In the brief:

1. The brief asks questions about the business challenges facing the new study (for example, assessing customer satisfaction).
2. Since many companies have similar research tasks (in 80% of cases), the tools, or at least the main part of them, are the same. Therefore, based on the results of filling out the brief, a template questionnaire is created.
3. To launch the study, you can use either a prepared template questionnaire, or a template questionnaire with adjustments, or your own questionnaire (developed by you or BCGroup).
4. Based on the results of some projects, BCGroup analysts have the opportunity to compare the resulting indicators with the market average (in their region, in country or in the world). This is possible thanks to the accumulated knowledge base of BCGroup (of course, without disclosing information about competitors).
5. In addition, BCGroup offers free functionality for its clients at any time and in unlimited quantities
6. the ability to conduct an online survey for free on the BCGroup platform by distributing a link to the survey on your own (to clients, employees or any other audience);
7. receive free quick analytics on any projects (see example).

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