Money transfer market

Money transfer market

Last year, the research agency BCGroup conducted a study of the money transfer market.

The purpose of this study was to study market development and determine the reasons for the decline in the Bank’s performance for one of the money transfer systems.

Problems that the study helped solve:

  • assessment of the region’s market capacity in financial terms;
  • comparison of regional indicators with national indicators;
  • assessment of the market capacity of alternative options for transferring funds (virtual money, cryptocurrency, etc.);
  • calculation of shares of all market participants;
  • calculation of the above indicators for transregional and internal transfers;
  • identification of key factors for choosing money transfer systems for the target audience;
  • drawing a portrait of the target audience;
  • segmentation of the target audience based on behavioral characteristics.

Desk research, expert interviews and an online survey were used as methods for collecting information. The sample size for the quantitative part of the study (survey) was 1,500 people.

It is worth noting that this study helped the company obtain important information and make the necessary decisions.

For privacy reasons, we cannot provide specific brands and numbers.

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