Large network of gas stations (more than 50 regions)

Gas stations

For several years in a row, the research agency BCGroup has been conducting research for a large network of gas stations.

The purpose of one of the studies was to assess the market share of the gas station network in the regions of presence.

The following tasks were set for the study:

  • assess the market share in all regions as a whole and separately;
  • evaluate brand awareness (top-of-mind, spontaneous and induced), consider the dynamics of indicators;
  • evaluate satisfaction with the quality of products and services;
  • conduct a competitive analysis.

In this case, the data collection method used was an online survey of motorists using the BCGroup panel, measurements of traffic flows and a secret audit. The study was conducted in several regions among users of gas station services who have a personal car.

For privacy reasons, we cannot provide specific brands and numbers.

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