Organic fertilizers for plants in packaging

Organic fertilizers

Last year, the research agency BCGroup carried out a study, the purpose of which was to expand sales channels and search for new segments of the target audience.

The key goal of this project was to find opportunities to expand the sales of organic fertilizers and vitamins for plants.

Tasks that were set for the study:

  • find out the ratio of consumers and non-consumers of fertilizers;
  • identify the reasons for not consuming fertilizers;
  • determine for which plants and crops products are most often purchased;
  • identify the main value of fertilizers from the buyer’s point of view;
  • define criteria for choosing fertilizers;
  • find out what information influences purchasing behavior;
  • determine what minerals and elements should be contained in fertilizers in order to be as attractive as possible to consumers;
  • determine the optimal packaging, packaging shape and much more.

An online survey was used as a method of collecting information. Residents of all regions of Russia took part in the survey, regardless of whether they buy fertilizers or not. Respondents commented on the reasons for both purchasing and not purchasing fertilizers.

The analytical department of BCGroup, based on the information received during the survey, has developed practical recommendations for expanding sales channels for organic fertilizers. The study used a blue ocean strategy.

It is worth noting that the customer took an active part in the research, which always brings only positive results and helps to achieve excellent results.

For privacy reasons, we cannot provide specific brands and numbers.

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