New cereal-based soft drink


Last year, the research agency BCGroup carried out a study aimed at forecasting the demand for a new soft drink based on sprouted grains.

The purpose of the study was to determine the positioning of a new soft drink, as well as optimal pricing and understanding the list of competing drinks.

Tasks that were set for the study:

  • identification of consumer taste preferences;
  • consumer segmentation;
  • determination of taste preferences of various consumer groups;
  • determining the likelihood of purchasing a new drink in the future;
  • forecasting demand for new products (annual sales volume).

The Hall test was used as a method for collecting information. The survey involved residents aged 25 to 45 years who purchase soft drinks for themselves at least once a week. Respondents had the opportunity to taste the drink and choose its packaging and label.

Upon completion of the study, the manufacturing company was able to develop a marketing strategy and bring this drink to the market.

For privacy reasons, we cannot provide specific brands and numbers.

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