Residential neighborhoods of the developer in 5 cities


For several years, the BCGroup research agency has been actively cooperating with various developers of residential areas in different cities of the country.

The purpose of one of these studies was to study the popularity of the developer’s brand among the target audience, as well as to compare the attractiveness of the microdistricts built by the developer with others.

The main tasks that faced this study:

  • assessment of the developer’s brand awareness;
  • assessment of the attractiveness of the developer’s microdistricts in comparison with others;
  • assessment of population preferences by type of housing, layout, use of wall materials, etc.
  • assessment of general indicators and indicators for individual cities.

The data was obtained using personal and online formalized survey methods. The sample population for each city consisted of 600 questionnaires. Over the entire period of work until today, the study covered more than 10 cities.

The customer was a leading developer in several regions.

For privacy reasons, we cannot provide specific brands and numbers.

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