Construction of a toll road bridge

Toll road

Last year, the research company BCGroup carried out a study on the construction of a toll bridge in one of the major cities.

The purpose of the study was to forecast the demand for using the toll road to avoid traffic jams.

The study had the following tasks:

  • assess population mobility;
  • evaluate the time spent moving around the city at different times of the day and days of the week;
  • determine pricing principles (the target audience’s willingness to pay);
  • as a result, predict the annual turnover three years after the start of work on the bridge.

An online survey of motorists, a survey in parking lots, and traffic measurements were used as a method of collecting information. The sample size for both in-person and telephone surveys was 1,150 people. The study involved drivers of cars, trucks and minibuses, as well as representatives of enterprises with their own or hired fleet.

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